Die Schlimmste Reise

Worst Journey: The Graphic Novel is out in Germany! From 23 May 2023 you will be able to get a super-large glossy and deluxe Die Schlimmste Reise der Welt from Panini, translated by the excellent and fastidious Katharina Reiche. The annotations are significantly reduced from the English version, but are be available on this site IN FULL. It’s a good time to be German! And if it sells well, who knows, perhaps other European languages will follow …

If you live in Germany, please order from your nearest and/or dearest indie bookshop: they will be able to get it for you easily. If you are not in Germany, your options in ascending order of multinational corporate evil:

Thalia (page displays in German)

Dussmann (page displays in English, but you can change this if you want)

Amazon.de (page displays in the shimmering tears of warehouse workers)

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