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  • One Foot on Turtle Island

    If you’re in the US and you’ve been waiting for a way to get hold of Worst Journey Vol.1 without paying exorbitant shipping fees in a foreign currency, you are in luck! Silver Sprocket, an indie comics shop in the hip Mission district of San Francisco, is ordering a big new shipment soon. Head on…

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  • Hit The Shops!

    The retail landscape for Worst Journey evolves as we trundle towards being included in the catalogue for the main UK book distributor, which will get it into every shop. Hard copies of Vol.1 are currently available at: The Children’s Bookshop, 26 Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill, London N10 3HP (Mon-Sat 9:15-5:45, Sun 11-4) Ink@84 Books,…

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  • Help! Where Are The Books?

    It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks – we launched, we signed, we were featured in The Observer, and we sold out our first print run. Great news for publishing, rather iffy news for anyone who wants to buy a book! It was very hard to know what kind of demand there would be…

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